abate vs s2j

He … This is one of the godlike trailers I've ever seen. The same way Darkrain was a character icon throughout the 2000s, S2J has been this decade’s most consistent Falcon player. The editing of the alternate scenarios was so perfect, it must have been TAS'd in or something. He has defeated many top players such as Mango, Mew2King, Druggedfox, Westballz, Duck, S2J, PewPewU, Ice, and HugS; in addition, he has also defeated Hungrybox online. Press J to jump to the feed. Purchasing a physical copy will be available at a later date. SSBM Tutorials 392,984 views. A few discoveries were made about the ICG that could be used to get out of combos in the future with many more characters than just Luigi. The Curious Case of Abate vs. S2J by turndownforwalt 4 months ago 20 minutes 223,397 views. I'd really like to see Abate go far in this tournament. Not the main point of the video, but I've never heard it called "meteor break" and I kinda like that better than "meteor cancel". This. Plup vs Prince Abu - The Weirdest Set Ever Played. But it was this set, in which the future Shine champion was already facing off against the fearsome godslayer, that he showed the world that he was here to stay in the national spotlight. Giant Boulder | WE BUILD IT WE BREAK IT, How to do a Secret Handoff (DIY Fake Arm) | D.I.SPY, Building a Huge Balloon Alien + NINJA STARS! Boosted by the Midwest home field advantage and hot off a tournament run in which he already beat Axe, Abate went the distance against the stoic and well-respected S2J. Jiano’s run to winner’s finals at Pound 2 came with a bit of bracket luck, but it still was among the least predictable performances in Melee history. He just seems to be lacking in the consistency right now. Be sure to check out the last game also. A year after one of the most thrilling matches that ended in a Lucky pop off for the ages, Westballz gets to end a 5 game series with dramatic flair as well. Reread "reverse forward fair" a few times too many thinking luigi had some crazy new tech. Looking into the future, I want to see how well he can hold it together at the top. There were a bit more than 120 sets that I initially listed. What makes you think you’re qualified to determine Melee’s best sets above anyone else? Joseph Manuel Marquez (born December 10, 1991), known by his gamertag Mango (stylised MaNg0 or Mang0), is an American professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player from Norwalk, California.Marquez is considered one of the dominant "Five Gods" of … Smash Summit 9. Lastly, he goes to his Fox pick rather than Falco when it comes big tournaments this year. I can imagine him standing in a white room with that emotionless Johnny face just spitting bars, Keep up with all Salty Suite trailers here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5n6M_nMn9ONKpdmRei8D5KKKuJR87Imb. Show more. Lucky and Westballz are both from SoCal, the best region in the world. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Moments before, Abate down smashes S2J’s shield, then gets punished for the hit that sends him flying off stage. So i was wondering: what are the … The crew battle tournament on Sunday night was one of the most exciting things that has been added to a tournament in years. Abate can recover, but S2J wants to stuff his recovery with a down air. You can choose which categories you want to be notified for. Last stock, last game, S2J hits Abate’s Luigi hard off the screen. It follows Melee’s greatest players and leaders through their collective efforts to support the scene’s survival over nearly two decades. This time, the strongest team in the world, SoCal came out triumphant, with some amazing play by Mang0 taking a 3-4 disadvantage against Ice and coming back and trouncing him. After I watched westballz vs leffen at beast 6 (both sets) I already knew that these 2 sets were some of the best sets i've seen. Armada stated that his goal coming into Big House 5 was to win doubles, not singles. SSBM Tutorials 101,817 views. Follow him @edwin_budding for more! Last year, he played All star mode for hours on end with no real practice before Big House 4, and he took that tournament after making a losers bracket run. Change ), Countdown To The Book of Melee: The Top 100 Melee Sets of All Time (90-81), Countdown to The Book of Melee: The Top 100 Melee Sets of All Time (70-61). This seems to me like part of his downfall. But aMSa denies the odds. This year, he played Rivals of Aether (a smash clone), and kept his melee practice up. http://oddshot.tv/shot/vgbootcamp-2015100417555965, that stomp was the game giving abate the home field advantage, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. the glitch doesn't reset until you touch the ground, when s2j stomped abate, he was still affected by … "Abate, you beat me with some bullshit. man, in the 20xxTE future doing this will be so easy it makes my head spin. the reverse forward fair playercam is actually edited in so that it looks right. If you win a match, but only have 1 stock left, you play the next player in line with 1 stock. The GENESIS 3 Salty Suite is a set of money matches and exhibitions, taking place the night before the Top 8 Bracket.. Matches [] S2J vs. Abate []. seeing S2J grab his head and be like "even the game itself wont let me edgeguard" 3 times in a row is making me laugh so hard. Hi, everyone. With the two’s status as rising Smash stars, brothers, former in-region rivals, and modern representatives of their characters, they have had several back-and-forth sets over the last few years. Losers Round 1 LOSS Opponent. Remember to follow us here at eSports Guru for all your Super Smash news! Captain Falcon’s down air will kill those with slow reaction times. Tải ứng dụng nghe truyện đêm khuya onlinePhiên bản mới nhất, Tải ứng dụng hát karaoke online miễn phí - HatkaraPhiên bản mới nhất, Sing karaoke online freeSing karaoke online, The Curious Case of Abate vs. S2J by turndownforwalt 4 months ago 20 minutes 223,397 views, Slicing Through a Huge Card Tower | WE BUILD IT WE BREAK IT, Giant Birthday Cake vs. It's possible that if Abate meteor canceled really low, then S2J could have up B'd to bounce Abate off of the wall. Abate Vs S2J ending: I don’t think in the history of Melee has there been a game that was decided in such an insane way. Welcome to Reddit's finest Smash Bros community! Rishi, the Artist Formerly Known as Smash G0D, has more than his fair share of nail biter sets. The Big House 5 - Abate (Luigi) Vs. S2J (Captain Falcon, Falco) - Winners Round 2 - SSBM by VGBootCamp.

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