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Overview of cloud computing Cloud computing as a delivery model for IT services is defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST as a model for enabling convenient, on -demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing Cloud Computing Security … Many CSPs provide cloud security configuration tools and monitoring systems, but cloud customers are responsible for configuring the service according to organizational security … security (e.g., access controls for authorization to data). An area of cloud computing that is starting to garner more attention is cloud security, as well as Security … Clouds provide a powerful computing platform that enables individuals and organizations to perform variety levels of tasks such as: use of online storage space, adoption of business … The Cloud Security Alliance [4] did a research on the threats facing cloud computing and it identified the following seven major threats: Abuse and Nefarious Use of Cloud Computing … The DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG)3 outlines the security controls and requirements requisite for utilizing cloud services within DoD. Cloud Computing Security Page 3 Introduction Cloud computing has more to offer businesses and individuals than ever before. Many are moving to the cloud to take advantage of the on-demand nature of documents, applications and services. Cloud computing security threats are almost same as those found in existing computing platforms. In order to be approved for use by DoD …

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