callosobruchus maculatus facts

We obtained 760 (90%) complete BUSCO hits, and duplicate hits to 428 (50%) genes. The physical appearance of the weevil is based on the species. We found that more than 82% of the reads were correctly mapped as proper pairs (S1 Table). DeconSeq standalone version 0.4.3 [22] was used to detect and remove sequence contaminations from the assembled transcriptome, using bacterial, fungal, plant, virus and other databases. // -->. The wheat weevil is notorious for destruction in agriculture. Sie verbleibt über das Puppenstadium und bis zur Entwicklung ausgereifter Käfer im Samen. legen. These have a pair of antennae on their head that used as the sensors. Hülsenfrüchtler allgemein, Gefährdung und Schutz: Nicht gefährdet / Nicht unter Schutz gestellt. Beetles (Coleoptera) are by far the most species rich taxonomic order on our planet, containing some 25% of all known animal species, and they show a tremendous range of adaptations to different food resources and habitats [1]. freundlicherweise ein paar befallene Bohnen zugesandt hat. Adults requires neither water nor food to reproduce successfully [11]. // -->