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of striking studies have reported outstanding catalytic activities of MOFs. The latter, water-assisted mechanism is predicted to be much faster and is consequently in much closer agreement with the exptl. on O vacancies of the oxide nanoparticles, CO adsorbs on Au sites located nearby, and subsequent reaction steps take place at the metal-oxide interface. structure to affect electronic or steric control on the relative energies of the key species. Jeremy D. Erickson, Andrew Z. Preston, John C. Linehan. Gonzalo Prieto, Harun Tüysüz, Nicolas Duyckaerts, Johannes Knossalla, Guang-Hui Wang, and Ferdi Schüth . Most academic papers are simply "demonstration of concept" studies reporting myriad ways to support various metal complex catalysts. at transition-metal surfaces have enabled in silico design of heterogeneous catalysts in a few cases. measurements demonstrate that the epoxidn. Zhenhua Xie, Binhang Yan, Li Zhang, and Jingguang G. Chen . and calcns. Dehydra-decyclization of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran to pentadienes on boron-containing zeolites. Shaama Mallikarjun Sharada, Rasmus K. B. Karlsson, Yasheng Maimaiti, Johannes Voss, Thomas Bligaard. data. Review of Plasma-Assisted Catalysis for Selective Generation of Oxygenates from CO2 and CH4. theory. Ezra L. Clark, Joaquin Resasco, Alan Landers, John Lin, Linh-Thao Chung, Amber Walton, Christopher Hahn, Thomas F. Jaramillo. and structure. resulting in loss of resoln. obsd. Expts. Catalysis Science, Engineering & Technology and TaO Further examples where supported metal complex catalysts are applied in com. with 475 participants we employed the procedures used in these studies, as well as a no. Review Article: Spectroscopic microreactors for heterogeneous catalysis. V. Briega-Martos, A. Ferre-Vilaplana, A. de la Peña, J. L. Segura, F. Zamora, J. M. Feliu, and E. Herrero . Andrew J. Medford and Marta C. Hatzell . A review. and ultimately to det. A review. Presently, barrier heights for mol.-metal surface reactions have been detd. Exptl. Hydroformylation of the post-metathesis product 7-tetradecene using rhodium(I) Schiff base derived precatalysts. activation barriers with computed barriers. obtained the effect, although financial incentives did boost performance. Comparative study on transition element doped Mn–Zr–Ti-oxides catalysts for the low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3. Pawel Mierczynski, Magdalena Mosinska, Waldemar Maniukiewicz, Magdalena Nowosielska, Agnieszka Czylkowska, Malgorzta I. Szynkowska. Michael P. Cibuzar, Steven G. Dannenberg, Rory Waterman. accuracy for only two systems, i.e., H2 + Cu(111) and H2 + Cu(100). Computational predictions vary vastly, and it is not clear that any significant accurate information that was not already apparent from expt. In conclusion, under ISO 4 standards, the Catalysis Science and Technology should be cited as Catal. We report rate measurements on samples in which the length of the ceria-metal interface was tailored by the use of monodisperse nickel, palladium, and platinum nanocrystals. Nanodisperse gold catalysts in oxidation of benzyl alcohol: comparison of various supports under different conditions. Alsters, P. L.; Witte, P. T.; Neumann, R.; Sloboda Rozner, D.; Adam, W.; Zhang, R.; Reedijk, J.; Gamez, P.; ten Elshof, J. E.; Chowdhury, S. R. Mechanisms in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Epoxidation Catalysis, Toward the rational benchmarking of homogeneous H2-evolving catalysts,, Multielectron, multistep molecular catalysis of electrochemical reactions. The current status of the field is discussed with an emphasis on the role of coupling theory and expt. Annemie Bogaerts, Xin Tu, J Christopher Whitehead, Gabriele Centi, Leon Lefferts, Olivier Guaitella, Federico Azzolina-Jury, Hyun-Ha Kim, Anthony B Murphy, William F Schneider, Tomohiro Nozaki, Jason C Hicks, Antoine Rousseau, Frederic Thevenet, Ahmed Khacef, Maria Carreon. Hintermair, Ulrich; Francio, Giancarlo; Leitner, Walter. gtag('js', new Date()); spectra. and exptl. In this contribution authors analyze the major challenges of performing organometallic catalysis in continuous flow from a conceptual point of view, and exemplify for recently developed concepts based on near- and supercrit. Origin of highly active metal-organic framework catalysts: defects? Believe it or not: how much can we rely on published data on potential drug targets? Andrew J. Medford, M. Ross Kunz, Sarah M. Ewing, Tammie Borders.

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