date energy balls

These simple treats are healthy eating/snacking/dessert perfection, and I have a batch in my freezer at all times now. Naturally sweet, chocolatey, and delicious, they are also vegan and gluten-free! These 5-minute, nut-free date energy balls make an ideal lunch box treat or healthy anytime snack. I use maple syrup, a natural plant-based sweetener, in these because I'm from Quebec and maple syrup is one of my favorite things ever! Using your hands, form the balls and roll them in coconut until evenly covered. These are nutritious, easy to make, and delicious than you think. (I made mine 20g each). Sweet, chewy … Presenting my nut-based, dates energy balls. Your email address will not be published. As sugars go, it's pretty much as healthy as it gets, although honey does give it a run for its money. But my contrarian nature means I usually stay away from "food fads". Energy balls are one of my favorite snacks to make because they’re quick and easy to put together, and there are so many fun recipe combinations. Roll the balls in crushed pretzels if desired, pressing down to adhere. I consider Medjool dates to be the gold standard of dates and highly recommend them for this recipe and any other date recipe. Also, considering that they require 6 ingredients and about 5 minutes time, there wasn't much to lose, frankly. You as the cook, must bring the soul to the recipe - Thomas Keller, “Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any purchase made through such links will award me a small commission (at absolutely no extra cost for you). Medjool dates are plump, sticky, caramelly and delicious. Pulse until fully combined, scraping regularly down the sides. Privacy Policy. Add different things (ie. Using your hands, form the balls and roll them in coconut until evenly covered. Add the dates, cocoa, sunflower seeds, and maple syrup to the food processor. Add first six ingredients to a food processor and pulse until mixture is well blended, Using your tablespoon measurer start to form balls, rolling between your hands until mixture sticks into a ball shape, Transfer chocolate balls to the fridge for at least half hour. any kind will do (Old-fashioned, quick-cooking etc). A South African foodie cooking up a storm in a Kiwi Kitchen, coconut, Coconut Balls, Date and coconut energy balls, Date Balls, dates, Lunchbox, snacks. This will allow the flavours to develop but also makes it easier to roll out. A recipe has no soul. Pulse until fully combined, scraping regularly down the sides. To get started, pit the dates if need be and soak them in hot water for at least 10 minutes. These funds help me keep this blog up and running. Another option would be to roll them in some extra shredded coconut. Home » Snacks » Date Energy Balls [Nut-Free, Vegan]. These are freezer friendly. Your email address will not be published. Because they are stickier, they will bind the mixture together better than regular dates. I suggest weighing the mixture before rolling it out into balls to ensure even sizing. Yep that's right, you can make them with zero fancy equipment. Simply thaw them by placing them in the fridge overnight or allow them to sit at room temperature. I'm Ann and I believe in balanced eating, homemade foods, and DESSERT. These energy balls have a tasty combination of peanut butter and chocolate and are sweetened naturally with dates. I've seen recipes for so-called energy balls, bliss balls, protein balls, or whatever you want to call them, floating around for ages. I'm really happy you're here! You only need 7 ingredients, 20 minutes and a food processor. Honey works too if you're not vegan. once processed you can add chopped cranberries/chia seeds/sunflower seeds/chocolate nibs. Transfer the mixture to a bowl. Why not add some spices such as cinnamon? Use a kitchen scale to get even size balls. The biggest problem is that they are often full of lots of superfoods and powders, and it is unclear whether these are a problem histamine-wise. It took me a while to put them on my list and now I’m kicking myself for taking so long! In a high-speed blender or food processor, add all your ingredients, including the dates. Date (a natural sweetener) and a good cocoa powder can be a magical and powerful combination. I love how compact. Add a few more drops of maple syrup if it's not quite coming together, and pulse again. In the past I used pure cocoa powder to make my homemade chocolate energy balls, but nowadays I found this cocoa powder mix that is loaded with awesome ingredients such as Turmeric, MCT, Lucuma and 4 superfoods. As the Barefoot Contessa would say, how easy is that? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Freeze on a lined baking sheet and then transfer to a freezer bag. These now rival this trail mix and our one bowl raspberry muffins for favorite healthy snacks. I love having a batch of these stored in the fridge for the boys to snack on and to add to their lunchboxes. Learn more about it here.”. More about me. That's not the only reason to use maple syrup though. While the dates are soaking, crush the biscuits. If it's not quite coming together add a few drops of maple syrup and pulse again. Roll mixture into 1 inch balls and roll in the chopped pretzels if desired. These date and coconut energy balls are a quick and easy snack. Learn how your comment data is processed. Made with only 6 ingredients, they are naturally sweet, chocolatey, delicious, and gluten-free! (You can also freeze them for up to 6 months.). Have you tried them? If you do use regular dates, you may need to add a little extra maple syrup to bind the mixture so you can form the balls. Only about 1 tablespoon of maple syrup is needed to bind the mixture together. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Made with dates, coconut, biscuits and walnuts, you will be lucky if you can keep up with the demand. They are super easy to make! Hence ‘energy’ balls. If that's not a concern for you, you could toss in some slivered almonds, walnuts, or whatever nuts you enjoy. Oozing wit, [SALAD] It's a Brocolli, Cranberry and Sunflower S, These chicken sosaties were a true hit with the fa, Just a few simple ingredients to put together this, Have me some homemade pizza on a Frida, 10 Mouthwatering South African Recipes to try this spring, Outydse Soetkoekies (Traditional South African Biscuits).

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