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Put us to the test! Challenge us. Plastic nuts and saddles vary greatly and many are cheaply made, too soft, too brittle, or hollow. Nut Economic Graph Tech NuBone ® LC-9280-C0 Fully Compensated Acoustic Saddle Delivered in BULK Completely Compensated Nute (string by string) for bridge Guitar Acoustic / Folk thickness: 3.25 mm (1/8 "); length: 73.15; height: 10.92mm NuBone is a better substitute for cheap plastic saddles and easels: NuBone gives you premium sound without the high price! Most orders are eligible for free shipping! 80% of the guitars sold sell for under $200.00, so the market is huge for a good alternative to plastic that can actually improve guitar tone and performance. Nubone Saddles For detailed specifications and/or fitting guides please visit the Graph Tech website HERE Sort by Latest Position Name Price 6/6/15: Company offered to refund and exchange. Our Price. This can be used to repair entry level guitars and improve their playability and tone at a lower cost to your customer. NuBone is a tone-enhancing nut and saddle material backed by 20 years of research and development. Finally you have a product that delivers great tone at an affordable price. Auckland Region North Island South Island Warehouse. Stock Availability. Quantity: Add to cart. Found a Cheaper Price? NuBone gives you premium tone without the premium price! Add to Wishlist Share Compare . Now there is a great substitute for cheap plastic nuts and saddles. This guitar was professionally set up for the lowest possible playable action, so it's likely the NuBone saddle you see was sanded down a bit already. NuBone does not dampen the vibrations of the string like plastic, instead, it transfers the optimal frequencies to the guitar, allowing better performance for volume, tone and more harmonics. These inconsistencies can kill sustain and tone. NuBone gives you premium tone without the premium price! Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Mahalo Ukuleles at Guitar Center. Each instrument in the comprehensive range of Vintage acoustic guitars features superb attention to detail, high-quality construction, premium parts including NuBone® nuts from Graphtech® and a range of gorgeous finishes for eye-catching stage appeal. NUBONE GUITAR NUT - SLOTTED STRAT - BC5000-00 - TELE/STRAT STYLE Stock code: GRAGAGLC500010. Good form on their part, so will add a star. $5.50.

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