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The RØDE Stereo Bar is a robust solution for mounting two microphones in a stereo array. Adjustable Stereo Microphone Bar for AKG and Other Mics $21.99. Rode SB20 Stereo Bar. 0% interest for 36 months* i. No interest if paid in full within 24 months . The stereo microphone bar includes a stand-mount clip.. There's a surprisingly large number of stereo miking arrays, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, but being able to erect one repeatedly and reliably requires accuracy — such as that provided by Rode's SB20. Any stereo bar wider than 17cm should be fine for ORTF. With clearly marked spacing of up to 20cm, as well as angle and measurement indicators for ORTF and XY positioning, the RØDE Stereo Bar makes it quick and easy to achieve complex recording arrays. Add to List Compare. The mono signals from each microphone are assigned to the left and right channels of a stereo track to create a sense of width in the recording. AEA Decca Tree $ 874.00. or $25 /month for 36 months . Add to List Compare. The stereo microphone bar can be customized for a variety of stereo microphone techniques. The stereo microphone bar is designed to work with the X-R remote microphone capsule system (female RCA capsules and male right-angle RCA cable connectors recommended). Add to Cart. Saramonic SR-MSM500 Stereo Bar Microphone Mount for X-Y and ORTF Recording The Saramonic SR-MSM500 is a full-featured stereo bar that enables you to mount 2 microphones up to 7.9” (20 cm) apart and provides clearly printed markers for distances and angles, as well as ORTF and X … such as free samples. The X-R capsules attach to the bar using the 1/4″ thread capsule mount.. offers 313 microphone stereo bar products. The stereo effect is created in this technique from the slight difference in sound between the left and right channels of the studio monitors . You can read up on stereo microphone techniques over on wikipedia: generally I try and get a close to humanly possible when I measure my ORTF placement. Lewitt LCT 40 M2 Microphone Stereo Bar $ 24.00. So, your impression that you would need to move the microphones 'wider' to make the stereo sound 'wider' is a mistake. Add to Cart. In Stock Compare.

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