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the surface. of each phase. A book or stone tablet continues to exist exactly as it is, even when the language with which it is inscribed is forgotten, and while it remains buried and lost to the sight of human beings, tucked away, mislaid on a library shelf where it will never be opened. The common usage of ‘sign’ does include Peirce’s ‘index’ which is a sign of something by virtue of its physical connection with the object of which it is a sign. (19-20), This aim is none other than [Spirit's] finding itself - coming to itself - and Self-consciousness hinges around the fact that the subject has become aware that its view is from a certain social position, and not some kind of God’s eye view. This approach uses a conception of “recognition” derived from a misreading of the master-servant relation[5] in the Phenomenology to create a model of intersubjectivity which relegates mediation of all kinds. This is a real contradiction, and the very essence of culture is in fact the gap between production and consumption. Hegel, unlike Kant, believed that this Spirit is constantly evolving. the absolutely perfect Being, and can, therefore, will nothing but himself. We have in it, 6. Because it is a material thing, of course, it does not disappear as soon as it falls out of use. obstacle … What Spirit really strives for is the realization if its ideal being; but For an outline, see, The Finest of Religion, Science, The question of the movement of the Logic I take up in “The Subject Matter of Hegel’s Logic.” Stephen Houlgate says, for example: “thought thinks – or tries to think – the utter indeterminacy of being, but that thought is so utterly indeterminate that it evaporates in the very attempt to conceive it. I do not use the word “culture” to mean the activity itself nor the psyche of those who participate in the using the culture and interpreting the artefacts of which it is composed. By material culture I mean everything from land and livestock to libraries. Leontyev’s specific contribution was the concept of ‘system of activity’. out from the city to survey his realm," he wrote on October 13, 1806. Artefacts therefore contain an internal contradiction, between being products of human activity, and being used or interpreted in human activity. That is altogether another question. Any such interpretation is possible of course only thanks to the material properties of the thing and its palpable, material existence. this alienation from it. I know that I exist and that nothing else belongs to my nature or essence except that I am a thinking thing; from this it follows that my essence consists solely in my being a thinking thing, even though there may be a body that is very closely joined to me. The ontology proposed for the conception of spirit has the advantage that it facilitates an appropriation of that current of social psychology founded by Lev Vygotsky, Alexei Leontyev and Alexander Luria. Hegel’s philosophy of history is most lucidly set out in his Lectures on the Philosophy of World History, given at the University of Berlin in 1822, 1828 and 1830. The Replica is a Sinsign. The result points to how the gulf between social and psychological science could be overcome and brings insights into current social problems. The second thing Hegel considers, then, is this human aspect--the "means" Spirit uses to actualize itself in the world. With its historical origins in the USSR, CHAT was developed by specialist psychologists within a division of labour in which social and political theory lay outside of the domain of social psychology and was out-of-bounds for critical consideration by psychologists. exists for itself only, is a possibility, a potentiality; but has not yet emerged into [52] Hegel’s concept of spirit, and in particular his conception of the subject as a concrete universal, offers an insight into how social solidarity is constructed and this was exactly what Hegel intended. (Philosophy of Religion, p 368), Whatever subsists has its root and subsistence only in this One … God is the The question has to be asked: how did Hegel see the consciousness of an individual human being, that is to say, thought in its common-or-garden meaning. Come have arabica coffee and browse with Lao Tzu,  Einstein, Thoreau, Spinoza, Sagan, The stages of the Notion are: Subject, Object, Idea. It fuses religion and science, and concern for humans with concern for nature. 11. What credence can we give to Hegel’s claim that Spirit is a subject then? See Erik Axel’s “One developmental line in European Activity Theories” in Mind, Culture and Activity op. Wordsworth,  Whitman, Hawking, Marcus Aurelius, and friends. But “in themselves” they are simply material things, they are not activities and they are not thoughts; they are subject to interpretation, but they are not interpretations in themselves, and they do not make interpretations. An overview of pantheist history, theory and practice. It is in this way that I have tried to expound consciousness in the Phenomenology of Spirit. The encounter had a profound impact. [38] And for Hegel as for Peirce, the distinction between sign and tool is secondary and relatively arbitrary. in its turn a material, working on which it exalts itself to a new grade. And in his later lectures in Berlin, it became the “World Spirit,” beginning in the East and moving on through the Islamic peoples to Europe. The Judgment is a proposition in which I, U or P implies I, U or P. The Syllogism is an argument in which I, U or P mediate in a Judgment. But Hegel is not very concerned with how we get an idea of something in our heads: if it exists for us, that is to say, we are acting in relation to it, then we have obviously acquired some kind of ‘representation’[26] of it. 13. 9. His career at school and university was undistinguished - his certificate mentioned his When we look at Hegel’s original idea of spirit, of Volksgeist and Zeitgeist, then there is a rational sense in describing this kind of spirit as a subject; a people does have self-consciousness, connected to their shared history and culture and their common fate, personified in their leaders and objectified in their popular institutions, affirmed in their art and religion, a people go to war to defend their nation, take pride in its achievements and usually know themselves to be a child of their nation in some manner or degree. principle that pervades them. Concrete Right. the envelope of its existence - does not merely pass into another envelope … it comes To accomplish the link between Hegel’s Logic and social-psychology, a tripartite semiotic ontology is required, namely: psyche, activity and artefact, rather than the binary, individualist ontology of Self and Other used in pragmatic readings. "It is a (25), The nature and idea of Spirit is something merely general and abstract … a On the other hand, it is the infinite energy of the Universe; since Reason is not so In the domain of logic, this ethos is expressed in the abstract general relation and the process of sorting things into sets according to the sharing of common attributes and counting the numbers in each set, apportioning everything accordingly. See my article “The Subject Matter of Hegel’s Logic” where the issue of what the Logic is about is taken up in detail, and “Getting to know Hegel,” 2000 or “The Meaning of Hegel’s Logic,” March 2007, for expositions of the Logic in more accessible language. The resolution of the individual vs. social dichotomy that he foresaw in the Philosophy of Right[48] was a dead letter, and beginning from about the time of his own death a new dialectic got under way. Polity Press and my review, “Honneth’s ‘Struggle for Recognition’,” December 2003. and Free Personality 32 b) Autonomous SubjectIvIty 47 c) The State as Objective Spirit 61 PART TWO THE BEGINNING OF HISTORY: THE EAST Hegel on the ChInese I. HEGEL;S INTERPRETATION OF CHINESE HISTORY II. arrangements.

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