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While Ik-joon moves Woo-joo to his room, Joon-wan wipes the ground furiously with one eye on his friend, but Ik-joon catches his odd behavior and mutters under his breath about Joon-wan cleaning the same spot. JW knows that the physical distance between them is probably gonna exacerbate the problem, but there isn't anything he can do about it. The five doctors are long time friends of 20 years who started their undergrad in 1999 in the same medical school, and now they are colleagues … Thirdly, her eyes lit up with such admiration and adoration when IJ jazzed up Canon in D. Soooo, all this while, he has actually been holding a torch for her but hid it. The nurse is sympathetic to her plight, but Ik-joon says that she’s only hurting herself. Ah yes.. Looking forward to this week's episode. As for Jung-won, any girl interested in him has to defeat God first. But in that instance she backs off and says that if he has a problem he will talk about it himself. While Jung-won operates on the baby, Gyu-wool arrives with the liver. It was really heartwarming when the patient was relieved that she couldn't donate and told his family to leave her alone. He claims that the crabs are for Woo-joo since he likes them so much, and Ik-soon makes her nephew play along. I have decided to believe that this is JW's master plan. I am really curious to see how this goes. They know how to be serious if the situation calls for it like with Song-hwa’s health issue, but they also know how to have fun and let loose. }; @lilium, It's one of my favorite things about my job. For one, it's not always the juniors learning from their professors, but that learning and growing is both ways. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page And if he ever decide to give up the priesthood dream, I don't think it will be because of a mere crush. From the new head NS who took credit for Song Hwa’s surgery, this OB, and the many doctors who all communicate and work differently. Taking her hand, Jong-soo leads the way. The others complain about Seok-hyung never listening to them and wonder why they even bother giving him advice. After tidying things up, Ik-soon talks with Joon-wan about her brother and how much he changed after getting married and having Woo-joo. They are my OTP as well.. Thank you for your response. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Started this journey for JJS and JKH (and PD Shin) but have stayed for the entire kit caboodle. No real care, admiration or whatsoever given to Jungwon. Just yesterday, she had finally decided to grant them a divorce but seeing their disgusting actions today has made her change her mind. It could happen to anyone. It was Chi-hong who wanted Ik-joon to answer in the first place by acting as his "savior." She goes over the high possibility of brain damage, but the guardian begs Song-hwa to at least save her husband’s life—as long as he lives, she doesn’t care if he is paralyzed. Your email address will not be published. And Joon-Won's face - priceless. Her conversation is mostly superficial, which makes it come across as unnecessary, especially when their department was so busy. Chi-hong goes to check on the ER patient who’s now in the ICU, but Song-hwa is already monitoring him even while wearing a neck brace. Ik Jun and Dr I want the Song Hwa×Ik Jun ship, so even though I like captain Ann I'm.not onto his ship with Song Hwa hehe. Suggesting a change of pace, Dr. Bong offers to talk about his residency, but the entire group gets up to leave. Ik-joon complains about her sudden request, but the next day, Joon-wan rings his doorbell with a box of crabs on his shoulder. The food fighters stare at the food in joy, which triggers warning bells for the others who share knowing glances. Joon-wan freaks out over Ik-joon’s near-accurate deductions and tries to steer the conversation away from his love life, but the guys keep pestering him for more details.

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