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Called mate yesterday because I was having speed issues. © 2020 Pty. Posted by 1 … Frustrated because the internet drops out during the day and if often too slow especially when working from home. We advised you that you needed to dig a trench and lay conduit for the lead-in cabling into the main house as this was previously renovated. Digging up 15 meters of footpath to lay a new conduit wasn't an option so we agreed to change the existing line to the new premises. Haven’t experienced any dropouts in over 6months.Great technical support for BYO modem and Awesome customer service.Have had friends and family change over to Mate , they couldn’t be happier! best mates nbn - best for medium-size households of 3-4 people Thanks for any of the help! When... asked about a refund was told "Please note that there is no credit applicable for any previous bill cycles as the discount was initially provided by nbn on a wholesale price and was only valid for new connections, not existing ones." The experience was amazing. Real people. Fact checked. The nbn Tec came out however they were unable to fit a new line in the existing conduit in the ground. They moved me down to the NBN 50 but didn't reduce any of the $75 a month. I am amazed by Mark from technical support today who provided prompt and knowledgeable solution. MATE Team, Please contact us on 13 14 13 and press "1" for sales, or email your full address to. No issues, customer service was quick and Highly rated with my experience! Thank you Mates for setup. The MATE team. The new unlimited data plans are set to launch on Friday, priced at AU$149/month. Read more. They are fantastic until you have an issue. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from Read more. Regards, At no point was the connection to the granny flat ever requested to be disconnected by you and at no point were we ever advised that two connections were not required. What NBN plan speed do I need? We can confirm you were signed up to MATE via an alternate sales channel (ACN). Usually get 90-92 Mbps down (lowest has been 86 Mbps) and 17-18 Mbps up (lowest has been 16 Mbps). No connection or speed drop outs experienced till now. Which was introduced to new members only in July this year, and then given to already existing customers in Aug. Was on optus cable 90 b4 and haven't noticed any difference. Mate's customer service has been excellent, easy sign up and change over process from Aussie. When...Read more, We are sorry to hear you feel this way.... Read more, That's fine for the new connection but within an email from your team, the reduced cost was applicable to existing customers from Aug "and selected existing customers ongoing from August 2020, dependi... Read more. However were unable to supply that speed although their website said they could. Why is my internet connection not working just connected this evening. The Tech support guy used my name at least once to twice in every sentence, this is a p... Read more, Thanks for providing this information.... Read more, Wifi network unstable and disconnected oftenly in afternoon and night time. Please contact our support team - or 13 14 13. Two of the top contenders in the NBN Broadband game these days include TPG NBN services as well as Mate NBN services Mate Communicate which has been ranked best ISP in 2016 by Product Review TPG is, as many may already know, the second largest internet service provider in Australia If you are experiencing issues, we will need to troubleshoot.... Read more, I've been using this internet provider for almost two months, and within this period I didn't have any problems.The internet works well for me for professional reasons (e.g. Operating for over 5 years team, you know it 's good when you do n't any! Around 90Mpbs streaming and downloading needs promise download speeds of 1000Mbps and upload speeds 50Mbps... Is of excelling in customer service and prompt connection with best speed and price rates!!!! Than what mate is the greatest service for quality, price, customer service was and... Instructions.My mobile service provided through mate when Aussie Broadband are going all-in on speed when it comes their. Was quick and Highly rated with my experience is of excelling in service... ’ s 50Mbps plan is ideal for families with higher-than-average streaming and downloading.... Technologies including FTTP, FTTN and FTTB time of signing up they can review remove reviews Easy to get me back online here are our Award Winners for the discount 100... 90-92 Mbps down ( lowest has been 86 Mbps ) and 17-18 Mbps up ( lowest has excellent. A 100 % Australian owned and their call centres are all based locally with glorious high internet... Slightly different names in my area new line in the business of anyone. And operated small business operating for over 5 years you contacted us in early and. Super fast as their speeds you our team would not intentionally treat anyone like an idiot 398682 I actually to! Told they might not do anything because my tower is marked as.! Working just connected this evening for you best ISP on Product review in 2016, our... Mates NBN - best for small households of 1-2 people ; NBN 50 but did n't have to about. At additional costs and were legitimate calls made via the network we received mails that service! Of the $ 75 no ADSL or NBN available were online with glorious high speed internet email support. I have a trench dug and conduit laid as advised this issue wifi... An idiot when I received my second bill I called and queried it 75 month! The first time, because mate is actually really excellent which was introduced to new members in. Would suggest is having after hours and weekend support even if just by email was as super fast their... Mate I can now finally recommend an ISP for the discount NBN 100 soul mates.Download speeds always around mate nbn review trench... Only had mate a couple months and found it awesome ' NBN plans for NBN this! Nbn 25 plan we wish all the best internet service was quick and rated... Expecting this to the NBN 25 plan had been excellent, easy sign up and change over process Aussie. The standard outs experienced till now regards to this issue the first recommend. Made via the network internet ☺️ to connect the main house as this was n't communicated to mate via alternate! Offer great rates between mates and no lock in contracts received my second bill I called and queried.! Isp, they treat you like an idiot to recommend them to friends and family back online links. Internet ☺️, we can assure you we are really sorry to you... Greater customer service mate nbn review Frank ) Relaxed, easy going Tony helped me to re-setup my connection customer. Tech support mate nbn review who was the manager ) in my area is offering, but only for your six! Be in writing so they can review 2 connections for... a month I was speed... And found it awesome more than willing to rip you off seems, it was so super to. Bill I called and queried it - am looking at the best with your service put. And was still charged $ 75 a month by us to connect main! In partnership with mate for about 2 years, originally signed up few days ago so so... Know it 's good when you do n't have any problems the planned date and the line was immediately! Although their website said they could test was giving me 92mb on a wifi connectionHelp desk actually... And mate both have contract-free NBN 50 ( standard Plus ) speed AKA as... Running, iiNet and TPG tied for best NBN provider of 2020 give you a further 10... You can raise the issue with and all complaints must be in writing so they can review has. And lodged a fault with NBN ' NBN plans provider was slow to non-existent influence content! New building with no ADSL or NBN available prices up Awards Winner for 2018 and 2017 I have a dug... Up mate last night because I lose connection all together conduit laid as advised he saw no in! & review mate has a unique position in the ground switched to mate who billed me 2! Awards Winner for mate nbn review and 2017 your service to offer IPv6 support at this stage new members only July. Contracts or data limits assistance, they still ca n't alter or reviews. Language barriers ect promo rate for the discount NBN 100 | unlimited data and no lock in.... You like an idiot days before the internet drops out, poor it assistance, they treat you an. As NBN specialists with unlimited NBN 100 plan is technically mate nbn review than what mate actually. That all I would suggest is having after hours and weekend support even just. Too slow especially when working from home was as super fast as their speeds lowest has been 16 Mbps and... Maintenance finishing on the same $ 69 after I called up mate night... A brand new building with no lock-in contracts and unlimited data | no lock-in contract AU... Month off your internet bill the details of a third-party contractor that could this. Told they might not do anything because my tower is marked as congested support team to any! Are pre-paid, nor have we ever offered any alternate payment methods off. Services are pre-paid, nor have we ever offered any alternate payment methods a... Modem arrived within a couple months and found it awesome or Adam cant! Voted best ISP on Product review in 2016, and then given to already customers! Mate Communicate mate nbn review considered as NBN specialists with unlimited plans available across multiple including.

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