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In early 2015, the same year the Victorian complainant came forward to testify to Victorian Police that he was a victim/survivor of Archbishop Pell, those of the British persons just mentioned still living had their lives irreparably damaged by 20-hour police searches and public police accusations all made in total reliance on “Nick’s” testimony. Here the point is that – as is laid down in the legal rule, quoted in para. So Trump has a number of pathways.One is to keep addressing legitimate reports of voter irregularities. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 142 but then left hanging enigmatically in the air – it was not for the defence to “demonstrate” or “establish” impossibility. The Judgment’s sequencing (Falsity, Improbability, Impossibility) reverses the rational order of treatment. The Judgment silently ignores one of the accounts and relies on the other. Other witnesses supported this timing explicitly [299] or implicitly [297], [298]. Portelli, meeting and greeting worshippers. Media darlings and anonymous opponents within the government boasted of sabotaging Trump’s initiatives. These two facts were [97]:independent confirmation of A’s account of having been in the Priests’ Sacristy in that period. Office: 2117 Eck Hall of Law Phone: 574.631.5989 Fax: 574.631.4197 Email: Staff Assistant: Kirsten Niederer CV: View SSRN: View Known for his work in moral, political and legal theory, as well as in constitutional law, John Finnis joined the Notre Dame Law School faculty in 1995. Plainly enough, uncertainty multiplied upon uncertainty does not – cannot – demonstrate impossibility.”Now it is significant that some of these “uncertainties” were rustled up out of witnesses’ syntax and, like other “uncertainties”, were in any syntax and on any view unchallenged near-certainties. 143’s astonishing transfer of the burden of proof to the defence is now repeated [151]:As we have said, the onus of proof required the prosecution to defeat [the argument of impossibility]. Trump realistically has perhaps a week or so left to make his case or concede.Then, to maintain the Senate majority for Republicans and to save the very rules and protocols of the Senate, the Supreme Court and Constitution, Trump will have to barnstorm Georgia. As to the second fact: the complainant’s testimony in no way suggested that Pell had entered to disrobe; it just said [44] ([432]) he entered, “planted himself in the doorway” (the doors of the sacristy from the corridor leading back to the sanctuary, aisles and nave) and challenged the boys. This is the knot of issues about the internal (im)plausibility and (in)coherence of the complainant’s testimony and the (in)consistency of his several iterations of it. The priest had good command of English but his accent combined with the sound system makes it very hard to understand. Moreover, there was a period of months in which the Archbishop was obliged to use the Priests’ Sacristy for robing and disrobing [347], and nothing to suggest that at other times he was never to be seen in the Priests’ Sacristy heading to or from his own adjacent sacristy (further from the cathedral’s liturgical activity) via the door in the partition-wall between the sacristies, or conversing in either sacristy with priests or altar servers [263]. 293 like this:It was common ground that Potter was the person who unlocked the Priests’ Sacristy [within which the alleged rapes etc. Thank you Bishop Gracida. There is some erudite philosopher commenting on every single thought word and deed of the Vatican these days. Watching twice (like the jury) the video of two of those iterations, the Judgment’s authors found him credible and true. The purpose of the meeting was reportedly to collate progress reports about how best to continue government surveillance of Trump’s designated national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and thereby disrupt the transition.Flynn’s name was soon unmasked, apparently by Obama administration officials, and then illegally leaked to the press.The harassment during the transition became thematic for Trump’s next four years, which saw false evidence submitted to federal courts and other classified documents illegally leaked.No prior president has faced such hysterical opposition bent on removing him from office by a special prosecutor, concocted charges that he should be deposed under the 25th Amendment, and, finally, a failed attempt at removal via impeachment.The president’s private phone calls to foreign leaders were leaked. He is currently the Biolchini Family Professor of Law at Notre Dame Law School and Permanent Senior Distinguished Research Fellow at the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture. And it made this reversal for no stated reason, but just as something “it is convenient” to do [64].Under “falsity”, thus misconceived, the Judgment dealt with a knot of issues that could indeed be rightly considered – but only provisionally considered – before considering the evidence about the Archbishop’s absence (impossibility) and other people’s presence (improbability or impossibility). He is known for his work in the tradition of classical natural law thought, which has transformed the study of jurisprudence across the world. Four: SummaryThe Judgment’s contention that the complainant’s evidence was not false should only have been made by reference to the whole of the evidence, and not just by reference to his appearing credible. Para. But even setting aside the tour, nothing suggested that – at any time while he was a choirboy – he might not have peeked or ducked into the Priests’ Sacristy and seen its arrangement, in an escapade, perhaps of seconds, perhaps even of minutes, perhaps accompanied or alone, just conceivably even for wine-swigging, an escapade that included no confrontation with any Archbishop (or with anyone) and no oral rape. The Judgment reports and ignores this admission as blandly as it ignores the evidence [827]-[831] that his testimony about the colour of the wine and of its bottle was all untrue, and that both his description and his recollection of the relevant part of the sacristy, so far from being impressively accurate, were quite inaccurate [834]-[835]. 296 (here quoted in full, with emphases, exclamations and interpolations added):The effect of the servers’ evidence was that the unlocking of the Sacristy door, and their bowing to the Crucifix [inside that Sacristy, to mark the end of their procession duties and the beginning of their altar duties], occurred soon after the procession [to the west door and then back, whether inside or outside, to the east end] finishedand that, by the time they returned [from the Sacristy!] The temporary High Court judge along with Oxford University professor emeritus John Finnis QC has examined whether the bill was unconstitutional and concluded "we think not". John Finnis AC QC is professor emeritus at Oxford University, having been Professor of Law and Legal Philosophy from 1989 to 2010. Trump Faces Critical ChoiceAbout His Political FutureTrump's "Make America Great Again" agenda will be codified as his party's own.BY: VICTOR DAVIS HANSONNovember 25, 2020Donald Trump is nearing a crossroads.Those who allege that he has endangered the tradition of smooth presidential transitions by not conceding immediately after the media declared him the loser suffer amnesia.When Trump was elected in 2016, the Washington establishment lost its collective mind. I think this priest is here lerning or preparing to be a hospital chaplain. “A” said that his escapade with “B” began when the procession had nearly ended. Thanks, My husband and I are celebrating, today, 60 years of marriage. On the defence case, the falsity of the allegations is a conclusion from all the evidence taken together: that is, from the gaps and alterations in the allegations, from their inherent improbability, and from their incompatibility with the wealth of evidence that the Archbishop was absent from the sacristies at the relevant times (impossibility) and that, in all probability, numerous other people were coming and going and/or unrobing and/or sitting about in the Priests’ Sacristy at those times (impossibility or improbability). Shreya Atrey's work cited in judgement on the right to compensation for domestic workers in South Africa, OTJR Executive Committee 2020/2021: Call for Applications, Watch Kendall Thomas give the 2020 Equality and Diversity Lecture, Institute of European and Comparative Law, Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre. Neither of Potter’s accounts left time – still less the five or six minutes of solitude alleged by the complainant – for someone to commit offences against choirboys in the Priests Sacristy. Commentary on all things Catholic, Roman that is! There was nothing to suggest that his knowledge of those matters could have been obtained otherwise. AMERICA'S NEXT CIVIL WAR WILL START THE DAY AFTER THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WHEN THE MILLIONS OF FRAUDULENT MAIL BALLOTS WILL MIRACULOUSLY APPEAR TO OVERTURN THE RE-ELECTION OF Donald Trump, THE EXACT DOMINION ALGORITHM THAT TRANSFERRED MILLIONS OF VOTES FRAUDULENTLY TO Joseph Biden AND OTHER DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES HAS BEEN DISCOVERED, Follow ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT / DEEP CALLS TO DEEP on 139 summarises one of the ways in which the defence argued that the alleged offending in the Priests’ Sacristy was impossible:  Archbishop Pell was at the relevant time far away at the west door with his master of ceremonies, Fr.

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