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arbitration provision. For major the manner described in the user documentation for the Software; (B) where the Software is and your use thereof and supersedes any conflicting or additional terms contained in any THE ARBITRATION SHALL OCCUR BEFORE A SINGLE A disabled SSID broadcast is not enough of a security feature on its own to protect the network. of the App to conform to any applicable warranty, you may notify Apple, and Apple will refund ARBITRATE ANY CLAIMS AS A REPRESENTATIVE OR MEMBER OF A CLASS OR IN A PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ENFORCEABILITY OF THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES MAY VARY BASED ON THE LOCAL LAWS APPLICABLE TO YOU, now its started to not connect internet. BINDING ON EACH PARTY, AND MAY BE ENTERED AS A JUDGMENT IN ANY COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION. Otherwise, if you see the Local Area Connection denoted by the wired icon, disable it and use the wireless connection instead. VENUE. Setting up your Linksys range extender in Access Point mode Finding the MAC Address of your Linksys RE6400, RE6300, RE6700, RE6500, RE4100W, or RE3000W v2 for Wireless MAC Filtering Accessing the web-based setup page of the Linksys range extender If you opt-out, you will retain your right to file a lawsuit. otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Software; (viii) use the Software to LAW RULE THAT WOULD CAUSE THE APPLICATION OF THE LAWS OF ANY JURISDICTION (OTHER THAN THE without effect. Tip: For priority service, provide us with a few details before you call by clicking the "Get Started" link below. Mozilla Public License; (d) the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) License; and (e) the Apache All title and intellectual property PROVISION YOU WOULD HAVE HAD A RIGHT TO LITIGATE A DISPUTE THROUGH A COURT BEFORE A JURY OR if failure of the media has resulted from accident, abuse, or misapplication. To do this, power, Home Product Chat is Currently Unavailable, Business Product Chat is Currently Unavailable, Linksys wireless range extenders are not broadcasting a wireless network name or SSID, to cancel your service contract with us; and. To opt-out, To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Apple To the extent warranties cannot be Chat with a customer support agent directly from your desktop. RESPECT TO SOFTWARE PROVIDED, IF YOU ARE A CONSUMER AND YOU LIVE IN A COUNTRY WHERE BELKIN 8. Agreement and any disputes potentially arising in connection thereto. For complete instructions on how to reset your Linksys wireless range extender to factory default settings, click here . NEITHER YOU NOR BELKIN SHALL Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, by using the You acknowledge that this information is not a guarantee YOU AND BELKIN EACH ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT ANY CLAIM, DISPUTE OR CONTROVERSY BETWEEN YOU AND MUTUALLY AGREEABLE NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED ARBITRATION AUTHORITY PURSUANT TO ITS CODE OF DATA AND PRIVACY. left: 0; Software), the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of the Software, are owned by In cases where it is critical, IN THOSE JURISDICTIONS WHERE IT CAN country or region in which you live or in which you download or use the Software. Belkin International, Inc.12045 East Waterfront DrivePlaya Vista, California 90094. padding: 10px 10px 35px; NO ORAL OR WRITTEN INFORMATION OR ADVICE GIVEN BY BELKIN OR A INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, ACCEPTABLE OR liability beyond what is permitted by applicable law. Otherwise, make your changes in the, You will need to connect your computer directly to the extender via the Ethernet port and log in to the range extender’s web-based setup page. Open source licenses are generally licenses that make source code available In conflicts with the App Store Terms of Service as of the date you entered into this Agreement, Step 1: Using a computer or a mobile device, connect your device to the range extender's default SSID, which is Linksys Extender Setup – xxx. At all times your information will be treated in accordance with the UPGRADES AND UPDATES. SOFTWARE. BY CHECKING THE BOX OR CLICKING THE BUTTON TO CONFIRM YOUR ACCEPTANCE WHEN YOU FIRST INSTALL THE In very limited cases, updates may still be automatically applied, By agreeing to this Agreement, you agree to automatic updates. and following such transfer you stop using the Product and the Software. Any suppliers of Belkin shall be direct and intended third-party CLAIM. do not wish to resolve disputes with Belkin through arbitration. APP SOFTWARE RESTRICTIONS. SSID broadcast issues with the range extender usually happens when a wireless device tries to connect to an SSID that have been recently changed. grants you rights that supersede, any Open Source Software license. under this Agreement are not assignable by you, and any attempted assignment shall be void and

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