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Max is just a regular cat in Kittyopolis, trying to make it big as a podcaster UNTIL he accidentally takes a bite of an RADIOACTIVE SPACE MEATBALL at his best friend, scientist Mindy's, SECRET LAB. Best archive of Light Crusader cheats, cheats codes, hints, secrets, action replay codes, walkthroughs and guides. Interact with the Dresser along the far northern wall from the side, then choose to push it. You first choose the floor, and then the room number. Otherwise it's Game Over. There is also an 8th option, with no name, that allows you to choose between 5 extra rooms, mostly used in credits scenes. A small room with beds off the side contains Alfred's Journal which you can read if desired. After a short scene, you will be prompted to save your game. Use the button to go back up the ground floor. Entering the Toilets will unlock the Toilet Achievement! A copy of the 2nd portion of the city. Gameplay is a mix of action, puzzle solving, and platforming for the most part, with the usual role-playing staples like towns, shops, equipment, and spellcasting. A small classroom to the side contains a Camcorder Tape. The king asks him to search for the missing people. Press the button inside to lower a ladder leading to the Attic. At this point, most other areas in the mansions will be blocked off by statues. However, you will not be able to procure the necessary Key Item here until later. Translated text for other languages is included inside the American release, despite never being used due to its lack of a language menu. Interact with it to receive the Basement Key. The completed puzzle should look like this: Note that this solution also unlocks the jail cell door to the trapped NPC: However, attempting to speak with the trapped NPC again will lead to a Game Over, so it's better to leave the guy alone for now! An auto-map feature keeps the focus on action and single-room puzzles, rather than mazes or labyrinths. Proceed west. If you head south, you'll reach the Cliff summit. Those who are planning the revival of the evil demon have imprisoned us in these eight worlds. The way ahead will be unlocked. Grab a Camcorder Tape off the floor near the entrance. For one ending variation, simply do NOT press the key at any time; you must purposely fail. Pausing the game corrupts the graphics of the grid, and allows you to move both the grid and David, though this can be fixed by deactivating and reactivating the mode. Please find out what the Guildsmen are up to. Immediately sprint back down to the south and exit the Basement Chapel. Push the boxes aside to clear a path leading to another panel that will require a 4-letter password. You had a few to many 'blue milks'." Go through the door and proceed along the hallways until you reach a chasm that you cannot yet cross. Interact with the fallen chair near the elevator in order to push it aside, providing access to the elevator call button. After agreeing to set up the Chalice, the Stranger will try to make you do something astonishing. Pausing and unpausing will reset the room, but only the background will be present, with an odd pattern. Goblins have been living underneath the town... Do you want to exchange the fish and meat? swapping their states). Leave this room via the eastern exit to enter the Eastern Hall. Once the Chair is inside the Elevator, push it over the stain. You'll be inside another dream sequence when you regain control of your character. Four elements will give you magic powers. On Level 4 there is a room where David and the zombies in the room appear to have doubles. When this mode is active, a white 5x5 grid appears, with each cell placed on top of the floor tile it's on. It'd look better after the song, but it comes right before. When the coast is clear, attempt to leave the Mansion via the front door. What? You don't need an extra code to access this invisible 8th option. You must use Camcorder Tapes found throughout the game in order save your game. Do so, then quickly escape from your mysterious pursuer; fortunately, there is only one path through this section, and you don't have to worry about your energy levels, so keep sprinting! The door up ahead in this hall leads to the Generator Room, but is currently locked. Once inside, you'll engage in a long dialogue sequence with the Stranger. People disappear, but works of art remain! Exit the Elevator and push the chair you moved earlier INSIDE the Elevator. ...unfortunately during the execution of our plan. We'll return to this Cabinet later. Simply interact with the front door entrance multiple times. Type: special. Follow the path south, then interact with the exit at the end. Activating a light will unlock a corresponding jail cell door from the dungeon area. Examine the safe, then enter the four digit number code that best fits the Leader's birthday. Optional: If you examine a hotspot to the lower left of this room, you will trigger a room trap where the walls start closing in! Shopkeepers say this after you buy something. (+30 Karma +15 Strength, +15 Intelligence +15 Charm), "You went to a comic book convention. Stick RPG 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Now enter the room directly across from the Cult Leader's Office, just east of you. Type: key. I'm telling you! You now have access to the upper floors. Now return to the ground floor Living Room and go up to the 2nd floor. The way south is locked, so head down the stairs to the Basement. You can Sprint by holding down on the Shift key (keyboard) or X button (gamepad controller) while moving in any direction. The effects of these options are unknown. You can then travel through the waterstream, and when you reach the right side, you'll go to the waterstream part on the farm (you'll be standing on top of it, so you'll have to jump to be submerged again).

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