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Aged a minimum of 12 months for extra-sharp flavor, Cabot’s 1-Year Cheddar Cheese is the height of cheddar perfection. Since 1919, Cabot has been committed to making the worlds finest cheeses, and our 5-Year Cheddar is our finest yet — the very pinnace of cheddar craftsmanship. Cabot Classic Vermont 3 year Cheddar Cheese ~1.75 lb. The magic comes from our slow aging process, which produces the intense bite, luscious mouthfeel, and rich aroma that makes this premium cheddar … With subtle hints of both Swiss and parmesan cheeses, Cabot Premium Aged Alpine Cheddar Cheese is a smooth, nutty blend that is sure to delight any discerning cheese aficionado. Manufactured on a farmer-owned cooperative and best served at room temperature, this natural, lactose-free cheese … $39.99 $ 39. Chabot Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese is the best Walmart has to offer for great tasting cheese. The Very Pinnacle of Cheddar Craftsmanship. Chabot is consistent and reliable. The GV brand, which is sold as Sharp White Cheddar Cheese … 5.0 out of 5 stars 5. All Cabot Cheese is pasteurized, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians. Cabot Cheese produces a wide range of products, but Cheddar is their most extensive and best-selling line. Cabot Cheese Gift Baskets igourmet hand-assembles its very own Cabot Cheese Gift Baskets, chock full of several varieities of Cabot Cheese… The GV brand is a hit and miss for taste and quality. With subtle, tangy notes and a slightly firm texture, our yellow cheddar deli bar delivers that classic Northeast bite that makes our farmers’ cheddar … 99 ($39.99/Count) FREE Shipping

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