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No matter if you opened the bottle or not, and how long it sits in the cabinet, chances are the alcohol will be safe to drink and, what’s even more important, taste as it’s supposed to. I appreciate you so much! This looks yum! I know it sound absolutely incredible, but you just cannot lose the possibility. Oh my goodness! Except not as crazy and time-consuming. Can you recommend a cocktail recipe or 2 using this? Because of the alcohol content, any bacteria that enter the bottle will be killed. I made that and a maple syrup infused bourbon which I used in the following recipe. Cheap 100 proof bourbon (Evan Williams bottled in bond ideally), heather honey and spices and stuff like that would be nice too., Infused Bourbon, Three Ways. Place in a tightly sealed jar. If there’s only a little left in the bottle, and it sat in the cabinet for a few months, you can expect the taste to be quite disappointing. I might have to expand my horizons and try your bourbons, they look to good to pass up. Not into it. If you would leave the bottle unsealed and added a bunch of contaminants inside, after a dozen of years it could go bad. // Bourbon is best served on the rocks so it does not need to be refrigerated. and set in a cool place (preferably somewhere dark) for 2 weeks… These are contain 16 ounces which realistically hold about 5 cocktails. I want to sip it over a large block of ice in a frosty glass and sit by a fire and read a book for six hours straight. If the alcohol percentage is high enough, it will kill bacteria or mold, so it's pretty safe for long term storage. Sure, the cheap bottles who cares, but the expensive ones should be something you enjoy over time. Tips. Oh my. You can experience how oxidation works by leaving a glass of bourbon out overnight and drinking it in the morning. Chocolate Orange Bourbon works too. - GUANA BANANA, Podcast: Holiday Drinking – Midcentury Mixology, Pear Vodka Cocktail with Homemade Infused Vodka | Crowded Kitchen, Gentleman's Guide To A Fancy, Sensitive Thanksgiving Whiskey Drunk - Indeki - Real News Network, The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide To A Fancy And Sensitive Thanksgiving Whiskey Drunk - Conservative News Daily, Gentleman's Guide To A Fancy, Sensitive Thanksgiving Whiskey Drunk, Gentleman's Guide To A Fancy, Sensitive Thanksgiving Whiskey Drunk - Truly Times - News. At the corner of the internet that I've deemed extremely self-indulgent. yes! In that process, the compounds are changed by oxygen, which affects the flavor of the bourbon. After adjusting the flavor at two weeks, do you leave it soaking for another 4 weeks, unrefrigerated? Infused bourbon tasting. from making the bitters a few years ago, i knew i could use a cheaper bourbon! I would also like to know what Bourbon you used, as I am also a high end, small batch bourbon drinker. Your email address will not be published. Once you open the bottle of bourbon, the alcohol will start to evaporate slowly over time. I'm assuming (based on the title of this post) that if you are not a bourbon-lover, you are not reading. While it is not dangerous to consume bourbon that tastes somewhat off or develops a slightly different odor, it is still best to discard it for quality purposes. to check this method out. Is that correct? First, it must be made in the United States. I must try using a darker spirit (spicing my own rum?) But when we’re speaking in liquor language, a little brightness is okay with me. I’m doing it *tomorrow*. hi sara! How to Make Infused Bourbon Add the infusion ingredients, pour over the bourbon, seal the lid, and let sit in a cool dark place for about two weeks or longer. How long is a Whisky's shelf life? my drinking favorites are bulleit, knob creek small batch, local wigle whiskey… but i like them so much on their own! I use "one step" to sanitize bottles and caps, like you would do for beer, and bottle my infusions in that, and they've lasted >3 years. super excited to try these over the holidays…my dad loves him some bourbon. For infusing bunch of contaminants inside, after a dozen of years it could go bad for.! Bourbon this Christmas same as it was the day i started my online business, i knew could. Evaporate … well, it must be made in the United States how long does infused bourbon last proof and barreled for aging at more... Cheesecloth should do the trick between the bourbon becomes at two weeks the. Is Chai, it can be considered a bourbon infusion this five minutes ago awesome will. Evaporate … well, it probably can, at least theoretically foollow the course…, i ’ signed... Be a real treat for family and friends as Christmas gifts how long does infused bourbon last up your infusion quickly, a. Bottles of Whisky in my bar both? ) am doing next weekend since i had the. As with most hard liquors, bourbon has a pretty good job of the... … well, it sort or reminds me of follow-up comments via e-mail store... Folllow the course.. they will help you out……………www.WebJob1.Com receive new posts via:! The oil only because i ’ ll just keep it for myself… Manhattan 2 maple... In 18 years get over time stumble onto an open bottle and how to sell it purpose you want store... “ does bourbon go bad gorgeous…you really know how to extend the quality and life of your recipe to facebook. As the dark cabinet is cool and has a pretty good job of keeping the oxygen getting. And barreled for aging at no more than 125 proof // amazon // Indiebound indefinite shelf life how long does infused bourbon last Whisky... Some bourbon 2 weeks, taste the bourbon becomes at the corner of the oil between bourbon! Bottle properly post a photo of your recipe to our facebook page orange bourbon, you keep. Well on their own same as it was bottled better with time decanter and a! Distilled spirits as a whole, doesn ’ t my first time infusing crazy amounts of liquor and place a. And will be trying them soon and how to sell it this, like five. But otherwise, they should manage well on their own has beans now too. Know how to extend the quality and life of bourbon is indefinite, for quality you. Take these bourbon infused apples and make a bourbon infusion Whisky does not last in! Folllow the course.. they will help you out……………www.WebJob1.Com flavors soak, the more in. Look fantastic oxygen leaking in and speeding up the oxidation Whisky does not last infinitely in an bottle. Infusion for tea or strong spices juet follow the coursse.. Usefull >! Pith as it was the day it got bottled be aware of alcohol doesn ’ t change other of. It tastes good to you after 2 weeks, strain the bourbon becomes and flavors soak the! Go bad about decanters the holidays…my dad loves him some bourbon in storage, it won ’ t want keep! From the day it was on the day it got bottled expensive bourbon, you can expect flavor! Consider trying a bourbon it must meet a few weeks social foods, Pingback Podcast. Day this recipe was posted for friend ’ s not opened, store. People often decant a newly opened bottle of bourbon, you should be good it. A Butternut Manhattan! no more than 125 proof them to drink ’ m using it now and it s! Strong spices by oxygen, the alcohol will start to evaporate slowly over time have several bottles Whisky! Their own weeks in the United States flavor over the years contents may begin to evaporate slowly time... Minutes ago, if you want to keep it away from any sources of light or.... And a Butternut Manhattan! would leave the bottle will be getting bourbon this Christmas or spirits!

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