raman girl name meaning in punjabi

Some people say that Names have a significant effect on the babies development and personality. These baby name lists are organised alphabetically. 7 Things Every New Parent Needs to Know About Diapering, Rash on Baby’s Face – Types, Causes, and Treatment, Infection in Premature Baby – Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment, 4 Skin Problems Babies Risk Facing in Winter – and The One Solution That Tackles Them All, Hanukkah – Celebration, History and Traditions, Transitional Kindergarten – Should You Choose It for Your Child, The beginning of everything, including time, A unique name for a girl representing the power of hope, Timeless and Eternal victory. Latest and Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names The purpose of this list is to help Sikh parents in choosing names for newborn baby. Choose your child's name carefully. Remember! These may not work well for a girl who is going to grow up to be a woman in the 21 st century. This name indicates that they do not have a proper stable life. Currently we have 29 Girl Names Starting from Aman in our Sikh/Punjabi collection. ... Jaskeerat is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guru, Friend of Guru; A companion of the Guru; A variant spelling is Gurmit, A girl who is bathed in the light of heavenly knowledge, The girl who has all the divine knowledge of the heavens, The bringer of love, friendship and affection in the world, A person who always ensures to love another, The one who keeps the home warm and comfortable, A girl with impeccable beauty of the eternal, A girl who only ever worships the supreme God of all, A girl with the visage of the Lord himself, Someone as gentle as a dove and born with the grace of God, A woman who adorns the calm and quiet of a still lake, The bringer of wealth and the leader of all good, Someone who is willing to share their knowledge with the world, A girl with honest intentions to discover various truths of the world, Someone who brings happiness and rejoice along with them, A girl who can see through the complications of the world, A girl who will honour and applauds for her family, A girl meant to be speed ahead in life without troubles, A woman adept at meditating through the troubles, A girl who is always successful in her life’s endeavours, The bringer of peace and light in the world, The woman on whom God bestows the eternal light of happiness, The pivotal place where you can pray for happiness, The one who is responsible for making God victorious, A popular festival in Punjab which is also a great name for a girl, The girl who wins over everyone with her strength, Someone who carries the light of God with her, A girl as sharp and fantastic as a lightning strike, The girl harnessing the strength of unity, One who spreads joy across the entire world, Someone born with a singular focus in life, Someone who has been sent to Earth from paradise, The bringer of mercy for the evils of man, A woman that carries the grace of God everywhere, Someone who is as compassionate and kind as God, One who is as beautiful as a lush green field, A woman who spreads the love of God to everyone, A woman that is open and honest with everyone around her, One who brings the energy and charm of wonderful youth, The beauty an eyeliner brings to a woman’s eyes, A bringer of the strength as strong as iron, As excited and vulnerable as a little bird, The beautiful sound of the birds chirping, A woman filled to the brim with youthfulness, The bringer of strength and courage to everyone, Quite different from the Hindi meaning, this word means a pure virginal girl, A royal woman blessed with God’s illumination, A wonderful woman bringing with her the calm of a full moon, Someone as captivating as a beautiful peacock, A girl that resembles the resounding echo of infinity, Someone who is in love with the might of God, The girl who understands the final truth of life, A woman with the captivating beauty of God himself, The wish or desire that has been fulfilled, A woman whose gracefulness will never end, A woman who brings strength and nourishment to humans, A girl representing the divinity of Mother Earth, Popularized by the movie, it refers to the beauty of a song, A name for Goddess Parvati adopted by the Sikhs.

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