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Je ne parviens pas à quitter Demul 0.582 (atomiswave) sans repasser en mode window et en appuyant sur "exit" dans le menu. par snuf69 » 14 juil. Contact | This is because the DC and Arcade boards need conflicting parameters. Demul is a multi-system emulator of gaming consoles and slot machines from Sega, originally intended solely for emulating the Sega Dreamcast gaming console. You can post now and register later. Aide à la réalisation de bornes d'arcade et de bartops. DEmul emulates games not just for Dreamcast, but also for the Atomiswave and NAOMI systems. Demul is a multi-system emulator gaming consoles and machine company Sega, was originally intended solely for emulation gaming console Sega Dreamcast. Publicité | Okay 1st off if you are using Demul for Dreamcast you will have to make a secondary emulator entry for Demul as the Dreamcast and the Arcade boards need different checkbox settings under manage emulators so if you set up one correctly it will break the other. I have Sega Naomi working "perfectly" in Demul, my issue however is I can figure out how to get LaunchBox to load them. The Satellite Terminal Hardware links up to 10 NAOMI boards.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Currently, the emulator also supports emulation of arcade machines based on the Sega Dreamcast: Naomi, Naomi, and two Atomiswave. Clear editor. Thank you ! par wildwisestudio » 12 mai 2014 - 04:53, Message Hyperlaunch 3 est vraiment tres bon . Copyright |   Your previous content has been restored. Hi All, I have Sega Naomi working perfectly in Demul, my issue however is I can figure out how to get LaunchBox to load them. To do this you do not need a separate copy of Demul you only need the emulator on your drive one time you just need to point LB to it twice with a different name the second time I prefer Demul[Arcade] but you can name it anything you want. [Mo5] 8bit-Unity, un kit de développement rétro et cro... [Mo5] Sept jeux Mega Drive traduits en français, [Mo5] La VR abandonnée de la Mega Drive ressuscitée, [Mo5] Retro Station, encore une mini borne chez Capcom. Display as a link instead, × These 2 screen shots should help you get up and running. Dans une semaine ou deux si quelqu'un cherche de l'aide sur ce problème precis personne ne le trouveras et cela serait dommage. 1st if you are already using Demul for DC in LB then you will need to setup a separate instance of the emulator in LB Name it Demul [Arcade] or something similar to differentiate the two instances. -run=cave3rd -rom= Hello DOS76 i am missing something i quess? × Le forum francophone dédié à l'émulation et au retrogaming. 2015 - 23:50, Message -run=awave -rom= On peut absolument tout parametrer. ^^. [Mo5] Papi Commando: Second Blood en précommande sur Me... [Mo5] Les live MO5.COM et autres émissions rétro de la... [Mo5] DOSBox bientôt remis à neuf et autres news rétr... [Mo5] Réédition de Zero Team et autres sorties rétro ... [LTF] S21E11 - L'hiver s'installe doucement dans la nuit. par ErD » 30 avr. Téléchargement gratuit de médias, Message D apres ce que j ai vue il me faut le ahk. Where you have your command line parameters move that to the Associated Platform tab and separate them all out onto their own lines. 2015 - 14:11, Message When you say a second instance of Demul do you mean make a copy of the Demul folder and rename the folder to "Demul NAOMI" or whatever and then point that platform in LB to that .exe file? [Mo5] Dr. Ludos célèbre les 30 ans de la Super Ninten... [Mo5] Conférence MO5.COM dimanche matin à Évry Games ... [Mo5] Cotton Reboot! par camarade35 » 11 janv. | ou sinon tu configures a travers hyperlaunchHQ dans general settings , controls et dans exit emulator key tu dois avoir la touche qui te permet de quitter l emulateur. pupped write it but i have got Dreamcast and Naomi seperated. Now you will see the DEmul emulator window, but we will not use it now. par ricosnk » 12 mai 2014 - 18:59, Message La en lancant l emulateur dans hp j ai le message d erreur ci dessus. Demul starts and gives me a game/rom list and then nothing happens. you have to have both No space before rom and Use file name only without file extension or folder path checkboxes checked in the General tab and then these commands for the commandline parameters -run=naomi -rom= -run=awave -rom= -run=hikaru -rom= -run=gaelco -rom= -run=cave3rd -rom= *Threw in all the arcade systems it can emulate in case you need them later (As a note Hikaru and Gaelco need to be manually put into full screen despite your settings (I've never used the Cave emulation so don't know if it works or how it works)). 2015 - 11:40, Développé par phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Traduction française officielle © Miles Cellar, Confidentialité I always enter my commands here instead of the 1st tab of the form for neatness plus for emulators with multiple system support you have to feed them the specific parameters your line is trying to pass them all at once probably.

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