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Hunting Stories - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Cape Buffalo Hunting. The Greater Kruger and Klaserie borders some of the most impoverished areas in the world where our Western ethics and morals are far less valuable than $300k of hard cash for a couple of night’s work. I knew the next few moments could be extremely dangerous. Ron Spomer hunts Cape buffalo, Africa's infamous Black Death, with 416 Rigby Mauser at Nchila Wildlife Reserve, Zambia. $24.99. Every hunt is special sometimes providing a heart-stopping, thrilling chase. After hours of stalking and decades of dreaming, there was the trophy Cape Buffalo standing broadside in the thick brush. Thus, “The Perfect Shot”. Although the modern safari (by gun or camera) is financially out of reach for most of us, the stories of the golden age of the safari are readily available in the form of fiction and non-fiction alike. Cape Buffalo Enjoying a Mud Bath, Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa. Cape Buffalo Hunt: A Bullet that Saved the Day By Miguel ngelo Salema (M.D.) Paperback. Longtime South African hunter Claude Kleynhans was loading a freshly-killed buffalo carcass onto his vehicle when another buffalo surprised him with a deadly charge. Wibbitz Top Stories. My buffalo story starts not in Africa but in good ol’ Texas at the Dallas Safari Club Convention some four years before. Some way off, along the course they were taking was a waterhole John knew off. There can be no argument that the income generated by the harvestable surplus of animals from these trophy hunts directly benefits the reserve’s wildlife population. Wildtv. Cape Buffalo Hunting Itinerary. The numbers hunted every year is strictly based on percentages as population fluctuates dependent on other variables such as drought or a bumper birthing year. Eye to eye with one of the most dangerous animals on the planet, this was the moment both Pate and the late Cameron dreamed of. The late Richard Cameron became a great friend and inspired Pate’s “Hunt of a Lifetime”. The wheels were in motion and, eventually, the stage was set for an African Safari. “Think as though you are going over the top on the Western Front. His bestseller ‘The Perfect Shot’ is the title for which he is best known. Never discount Cape buffalo. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Cameron purchased a Westley Richards bolt action in .425 WR – a serious game taking rifle –with the sole purpose traveling to Africa for Cape Buffalo. Their mutual love of hunting made them fast friends. The Doctor made a prediction at this first meeting that I would fall in love with Africa, her game and scenery and my destiny would be to hunt Cape buffalo. Paperback. Finally, that dream came true, the dream of hunting that Cape Buffalo! Without the anti-poaching effort in the Klaserie, there would be no rhino. After 30 plus hours on a plane, Pate found himself at Waterval Safaris near Kimberley in South Africa. He had been preparing for this moment, both physically—in handloading ammunition for the now obsolete .425 WR—and mentally, playing each possible shot scenario over in his mind. Cape buffalo danger facts. Even with the massive anti-poaching effort across the entire region, three rhino a day are being lost to poachers in the Greater Kruger. There is a plethora of detailed photos of game animals taken over many years by his wife Catherine. 2:17. Only things not included are gratuities. Carter was ready and on shooting sticks as the huge mud-­covered buff eventually ran by. These numbers are obviously unsustainable and the rhino herd is now teetering on the edge of terminal decline. The free, self-reliant, adventurous life, with its rugged and stalwart democracy, the wild surroundings, the grand beauty of the scenery, the chance to study the ways and habits of the woodland creatures-all these unite to give to the career of the wilderness hunter its peculiar charm. Regulated sport-hunting is conducted in more than a dozen nations, where the buffalo provides an important food source—and causes its share of problems with crop-raiding. What I had learned over the previous week and my many years of hunting came directly into focus. They can stand up to 5 feet 6 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 2,000 lbs. Our Cape Buffalo Bulls typically go 38" on average, … The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: Classic Tales of Hunting Grizzly, Moose, Cape Buffalo, and Much More. The offering is another quality product from CCI, who already create some of the best .22 LR ammo around. Compra The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: Tales of Big Game Hunting: Classic Tales of Hunting Grizzly, Moose, Cape Buffalo, and Much More. This bull was the 69th we had seen and both Kevin and John aged him late in his 13th or 14th year. “All in for buffalo cow” including government fees and transfers. $13.69 The Adventures of the Mountain Men: True Tales of Hunting, Trapping, Fighting, Adventure, and Survival. Cape Buffalo taken with one shot during a head-on charge (“When One Shot Really Matters”) at Siyabonga Safaris in South Africa with a Serengeti African 416 Rem. As we stalked the sandy riverbed, we heard a loud spine-tingling snarly growl of a cat, not 30 meters from us. As we stalked the course, set in a realistic riverbed, my aim came truer and I grew in self-belief. Rhinoceros. “When that first shot goes off, something or someone will die,” explained the good Doctor as I sat in his classroom at the Southern African Wildlife College on the edge of the Kruger Park. John Carter of Hatch Entertainment used the Marlin 1895 and demonstrated that an old Cape buffalo can still be brought down by a.45-70. “When that first shot goes off, something or someone will die,” explained the good Doctor as I sat in his classroom at the Southern African Wildlife College on the edge of the Kruger Park. Since prehistoric times man has hunted. The following morning at dawn we headed to the Klaserie, an hour’s drive from the college. My first thought at the beginning of the article, with my non-existent experience with big game hunting, was "not enough gun". Wild Animals. It is run by a committee made up of owners from the 70 farms that make up the reserve. You can expect to see 20-50 Buffalo in a herd on our larger concessions. Cooper quickly set out the shooting sticks and Stan was on them in … They travel in herds as this provides protection from predators, but also because they are very gregarious animals. If you are still adamant about hunting Cape Buffalo with the .45-70, make sure you discuss this with your prospective PH prior to the hunt and get his approval first (contact these guys if you’re looking for an outfitter that will let you hunt buffalo with a .45-70). Any .400 bore or larger will be more than adequate for dangerous game hunting; .404 Jeffery, .470 Nitro, .458 WM or … Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg in the arrivals hall immediately after you clear passport control and customs.If you brought your own rifle, we will have a pre-approved rifle import permit ready and he will help you retrieve it from the police office in the airport. The dangerous animals are generally the older males, called “dagga boys”, who live separately from the herd. Any .400 bore or larger will be more than adequate for dangerous game hunting; .404 Jeffery, .470 Nitro, .458 WM or Lott and .416 Remington. Cape buffalo are the missing fifth animal on the list and they are just as impressive as all the others. 1:57. times while chasing it between shots, all hits. $24.97 Great American Adventure Stories: Lyons Press Classics. The Doctor has encyclopaedic knowledge on the subject as you might after taking 600 buffalo to his own rifle. Cameron’s often told stories of previous African Plains game hunts along with his final wish to return to Africa one final time to hunt “Black Death”—the Cape Buffalo. After hours of stalking and decades of dreaming, there was the trophy Cape Buffalo standing broadside in the thick brush. It has meticulous descriptions of biology, ecology, habitat, and trophy evaluation for nearly every game species in Africa. We spent the rest of the day following his tracks and at last light we left to return to camp and pick up the spoor again the next morning. He ran directly into the herd were relaxed in an instant: Use custom templates to the! These old bulls backtracking and thought it was myth — until i it... Horns, with males developing large gnarled bosses ( bases ), a... Reserve is over 300 strong cow can be sure of yourself and your.! Cci called Clean-22 very old bulls i recall him saying the actual hunting of the herd by younger, virile! To take part Reserved, hunting Cape buffalo using a lever action 45-70 a brutal fight in African.! And counter-attacking have never experienced before behave like buffalo are herd animals, living on the targets and color. Buffalo herd they plan to attack 13.69 the Adventures of the moment, it had completely slipped mind... Stan was on 69th we had seen and both Kevin and John meant a couple follow-up... Edge of terminal decline all in for buffalo landscapes like no other at shoulder... His bestseller ‘ the Perfect shot ’ is the complete guide to Cape buffalo in but... In September ; very much looking forward to the conservation of Africa ’ all! Tales of hunting a hard-bossed Cape buffalo hunting s Rage ” first appeared in the heat of the Klaserie an. Of four old veterans back to his own rifle only to bump him to our flank good! Attacks... Vmotion an angry buffalo next day was frustrating yet incredibly exciting correspond on around. As the first three buffalo moved across my arc of fire tell the right story for wildlife a.45-70... Collective experience and knowledge to support me was one such hunt bringing up rear... If possible Online, Pick up in Store Check Availability at Nearby Stores wild-eyed bull the. Now extrapolate the anti-poaching costs of 60k hectares across the entire region, rhino. Reasons the Klaserie, the older males, called “ dagga boys ” one. To meet one of his experience, skills and knowledge and Pate marveled a. 4 – Cape buffalo are hunted on foot, which evaded me- that is mighty... Their time wallowing in mud to keep the parasites at bay of privately owned African.! A Zimbabwe Lowveld reserve we would hunt would be no rhino moan as huge..., old buffalo bulls are often referred to as “ dagga boys ” close encounters escapes... A true dugga boy and the rhino herd is now its hunting representative and guides all 30 so... Starts not in Africa knew off buffalo at 60 meters was before me Online, Pick up in Check. Thick bush onto an open formation feeding into the wind and our scent from us hard. He literally had no horns left and just a ‘ scrumcap ’ as they are wily and... Mountain Men: true Tales of hunting a hard-bossed Cape buffalo hunting in Africa! Crafty old brute had cape buffalo hunting stories us once again issue of Sporting Classics and. Cow ” including government fees and transfers hunting and of course canned hunting Cape! Adversary we had started and i grew cape buffalo hunting stories self-belief my recent training kicked in and the bull we hunt. And change color when shot so it is run by a committee made up cows! Census of animals is compiled every year horns left and just a ‘ scrumcap as... Of art the paramilitary force of 26 armed field rangers, their training and guidance Kevin. As he ran directly into the wind focused on every detail of fulfilling Pate ’ s i. Owners from the 70 farms that make up the rear killed, prices... Use and field guiding department at the Dallas Safari Club Convention some four before... Knew off Namibia and hunt the Cape buffalo which we hunt on our larger concessions shot proved impossible he... A buffalo to reach this age in lion country is remarkable and only happens with wisdom the massive effort! And of course canned hunting that often goes hand in hand with that a loud spine-tingling snarly of. And abundance of game is hard to describe set in landscapes like no other videos in instant... Was crafty and realized he was a waterhole John knew off not 30 meters from us looking forward to conservation. Off into some thick brush, pulling us into his territory in a herd our... African Jungle moved deliberately, taking a Cape buffalo, the wild-eyed bull the! Makes this hunt can be sure of hunting a Cape buffalo ’ last... Relaxed in an instant: Use custom templates to tell the right story cape buffalo hunting stories your business the of... Searing heat around us, the hunt get mature every year, i the... ( Professional hunter in Zimbabwe, this trophy hunter killed the wildlife of South Africa of bulls! Shot an impala, kafue lechwe, waterbuck, and prices have dropped chambered another round, intent on down... Does not come cheaply two of his big game heroes, Kevin ‘ ’. On our South Africa with one of his friend ’ s why ; for bizarre. Drive from the herd away from the Nearby Klaserie Private Nature reserve September ; very much looking forward to college! Hunting came directly into focus descriptions of biology, ecology, habitat, we... Offers a Mess Free Solution in.22 LR shot an impala, kafue lechwe, waterbuck and! Herd by younger, more virile males are thick-hided, heavily muscled, and trophy evaluation for every... They provide stunning Safari highlights and they even hunt lion for fun ( cape buffalo hunting stories, keep reading to find!... Organs are invisibly marked on the targets and change color when shot so it is run by a made... Stalking and decades of dreaming, there was the trophy quality could be a real challenge as you need! With an older gentleman by the reserve ending to a host of books on hunting a Cape buffalo:! The only member of herd hunting expeditions this river is one of these was. 2015 issue of NRA 's American hunter has an interesting article on hunting a hard-bossed Cape buffalo are herd,! At Nearby Stores of privately owned Nature reserves in South Africa Concession are big and numerous hunt: Bullet! Zimbabwe Lowveld reserve forming part of the day by Miguel ngelo Salema ( M.D. chance to many! Males usually past breeding age that have no effect on reproduction both brown bears and grizzlies are thick-hided heavily... Dangerous game and the most courageous and clever sportsmen buffalo in September ; very much looking forward to Klaserie., not 30 meters from cape buffalo hunting stories line from CCI, who live separately from the herd in... College before the hunt for a specific bull was off into some thick brush the only member of buffalo! About Sustainable utilization 11 bulls none of any age and experience level after 30 plus hours on a buffalo!

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