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The Hawksbill sea turtle is at risk of extinction due to the demand for its beautiful shell. When we think back on our choices and actions, are we really following a sustainable model? However, local infrastructure and marketing have not yet been developed for sustainable eco-tourism to accommodate the steady increase of visitors to the Arnavons. As much as possible, I try picking up what I can and then dispose of it in a suitable place. The KAWAKI women have been working with local Ministry of Health officers, church leaders and schools to provide training on handwashing and other precautionary measures to remote communities as well as resources such as soap, which is often difficult to obtain. Learn more | View Privacy Policy Just a pocket of dough filled with a sweet or savoury... We all have heard about crocs and we all want to purchase it for ourselves. Millennial or not, if you are yet to join the sustainability bandwagon, there are plenty of things you can do to contribute to a more aware society and make your travels more meaningful. It is only understandable in the case of certain countries, especially island nations, where they can’t grow too many varieties of food due to their geographical limitations or conditions pertaining to soil and climate. Unfortunately, there’s a marketplace for trafficking rare and endangered wildlife products as souvenirs. We mostly love to say things should be such and such a way but how often do we actually do it ourselves? “Women’s participation and leadership are critical to safeguarding positive conservation outcomes and the health of at-risk communities,” said Trina Leberer, Director of The Nature Conservancy Pacific Islands Division. It is okay to make a few mistakes. If you have to shop or take souvenirs back, local crafts are a good bet. Amidst the various Instagram hashtags and social media check-ins, we might not be seen labelling ourselves as environmentalists, but we feel strongly about environmental policy and making meaningful contributions to the planet. If you have the time to spare or the urge to give back, volunteer tourism is the way to go. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you’re staying longer at a destination you can even carry a lightweight box with you that you can use to carry leftovers or ask to pack take away in. Travelling when done right can be immensely rewarding and actually help local communities and provide more meaning to our lives. Mary Kay to Support Sea Turtle Conservation Efforts and Promote Sustainable Eco-tourism Practices With the Nature Conservancy in the Solomon Islands Tuesday, November 24, 2020 12:10PM IST (6:40AM GMT) A Complete Guide To Understanding Ecotourism. Nope! If using a car is unavoidable, then try your best to carpool. Sustainable tourism has seen a lot of green initiatives, however water bound transport has so far always been neglected, although it carries one of the biggest CO2 footprints. © Jeff Yonover. What Will Air Travel Be Like After The Coronavirus? Since the Solomon Islands government declared a national emergency earlier this year, many Solomon Islanders traveled from the capital city of Honiara back to their home villages. Ecotourism is increasingly becoming popular in rural and urban areas. We live and we learn. The negative implications can just go on. With a little planning, it is possible to decrease the usage of plastic while travelling. People want to be in them when travelling. These are following as:1) Using resources sustainably. Is it really vital to eat something in a foreign land that they had to import from across the world when there are plenty of local options available? The KAWAKI group is a local women’s organization in the Solomon Islands dedicated to marine conservation and turtle protection for the Arnavon Islands. So, what can we do? Don’t contribute your carbon footprint to places that are already suffering and groaning under the weight of overwhelming numbers of people. Avoid taking cabs or car and motorbike rentals as much as possible. So choose your destination wisely. Similarly, the income generated through ecotourism remains in that destination. Additionally, carry a small bag to put in your own thrash, this comes in handy when you are travelling places where you might not easily come across a trash can. The core principles of ecotourism and sustainable tourism revolve around the travel industry adopting environmentally friendly practices. Don’t forget to collect recyclables to bring home or dispose of in a safe place. This is probably the most crucial of all sustainable tourism practices. It can seem overwhelming but don’t be. So, coming back to Millennials, as mentioned earlier, we make up the largest portion on the planet and we can make a significant impact and change the way we approach things. We are tackling climate change, conserving lands, waters and oceans at an unprecedented scale, providing food and water sustainably and helping make cities more sustainable. You can start by having one meal in a week that’s wholly plant-based or reduce the portion of meat in a given meal to make room for more vegetables and whole grains and you can go in a more positive direction from there. Those with an abnormal fear have a whole fear named for them—“Ophidiophobia”.... Travelling the world is quite a thrilling experience, and trains, cars, planes and buses aren't the only way to get around.

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