when does ffxiv get good

It does get better, though. You can skip most of the dialogue, and just read the quest log to summarize what happened. ARR was a hot mess and I paid (darn you, Square) for a story skip when I got to the stuff between ARR and HW. WoW has 1.5s GCD, FFXIV has 2.5s. I quit like 3-4 times because I was bored to death. I know. But for some reason, FFXIV isn’t really hitting me immediately. It's enough of an issue that they're streamlining it pretty soon. If the summary intrigues you, then slow down and read the next dialogue. If you go into it with that mindset as in "its a slong, I'm forcing myself, This is no fun" then this game probably isn't for you period. It does get better as you level up, and leveling up is quicker now that Stormblood is out. So a few things to mention: The combat is slightly slower for sure, especially in lower levels. I had the same issue as you when first starting the game, and actually ended up dropping it after a while, before picking it back up a year or two later. That should be enough to keep your level current with minimal work. I haven’t really put any significant time into it yet but I’m a massive Final Fantasy fan and everyone keeps saying that XIV is one of the best games in the series so I want to give it a fair shot but I just haven’t seen it yet. In the long term, let's just say the expansions are better story, less filler quests that don't contribute, and just higher quality. FFXIV just may not be the one for you. Theses stacks make you attack faster and harder, and it's one of the most fast-paced gameplay in this game. Personally, I don't think this game's story can compare to the more intriguing, emotional stories in some of the other games. I'm looking forward to ShB, but it's a slog once more to get there. However, it will pick up again. ARR and immediate post-ARR is usually seen as the weakest bit of the game. The daily bonuses from each roulette (especially while rested) are one of the best sources of EXP. Maybe you're into crafting or pvp. so far its such a grind with very little reward. I say level 50. It depends of what you're looking for. Seems like you previously played a Lancer class. I dont remember the name of the class, but it I think I was wielding a spear...I believe I til I was around Level 15. The game starts at 50+, and if you want to then get in the swing of leveling with bonus exp from items and armory, you pick up a DRK, MCH, or AST which start at 30, or SAM or RDM, which start at 50, the latter two being the most fun and fleshed out classes according to general opinion in the community. How long does it take for the story to pick up pace a bit and how often are cutscenes voice acted? ". No need to resub if you don't like it. Since there's a lot of salt in some of these comments, I'll throw my own two cents in here. I prefer single player jrpgs over all other genres, and played this like one. The base game was a grind and the story really was slow to kick in. Worth it in end for that reason. It gets better at max level when you can do things on-content. In WoW, the class you start with is the class you hit max level with. If you enjoy those things, great; if not, unsub until the next patch. Starting with "A Realm Reborn" and the expansions include "Heavensward", "Stormblood", and "Shadowbringers"! Might I suggest WoW? Game gets progressively better as you reach a higher level because with the extra expansions, they removed a lot of skills from cross-class & added it into roles/jobs, so you have no skills to work with at the lower levels now. Not really sure what "clicked" but I've been here ever since for the last like 2.5-3 years. Don't farm mobs for xp as dungeons gives much more. I think if you're in it just for the story then as a longtime FF fan you'll be disappointed. The expansions story build off the base game and they are so much better. As a lv15 lancer you would have only been doing 24. Leveling is fast so I recommend you give it a go. I have nothing against MMOs. Press J to jump to the feed. Or maybe mario. Mario? Just be patient and push through, your patience will be greatly rewarded. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Never, if you're already asking this question then the game isn't for you. The developers know its kinda slow to start and that the base game turns some people off of the game. It's a slow rise, but the 50/60/70 plateaus are really what you're working toward at any given time. I'm still waiting. I'm on lvl 18 now. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Don't skip voiced cutscene. from 30 onwards, gets good, then from 50 to patch 2.55 gets a lot better, and Heavensward the expansion is basically the best story in a FF game in a decade. Sure you pick a spec at level 10, and you get a lot of abilities through that, but for the most part, nothing about your class really changes apart from picking up new talents every 15 levels and getting mastery at ~80. My advice is to reach 2.3 (level 50 post-game) ASAP. Ranged DPS like Archer/Bard and Machinist are also quite fun (but you need to get to Heavensward content to unlock Machinist). The beginning was a really nice introduction to eorzea that didn't feel info-dumped and allowed time for exploration. It's almost a certainty if that was their problem they'll enjoy the game more when combat becomes more than 3 buttons. To be fair the game hooked me from the start a few years ago, purely because it was a brand new world. I'd recommend trying out as many jobs as you please since you can play everything on one character. I liked the story, for the most part, but it took FOREVER.Once you get to Heavensward content, the pacing is much better. HW got a little better (I thought the new characters were cool and had more personality) and I'm currently wrapping up SB (I did like the story line in this one and the new characters are very likeable). Press J to jump to the feed. I’ve been playing more and I’ve started falling in love with the game. Combat gets good for most classes around 26 or so, when your combos feel more complete. You picked Lancer the last time you played, and it is basically the slower of all the melee DPS jobs. There is no speed xp as everything is locked behind MSQ. At higher levels it's good since you have a LOT of off-GCDs, but while leveling it's kinda boring. I enjoy the game and I enjoyed other online games like Final Fantasy XI and WoW. 30 is when it gets better imo but like most are saying 50+ also depends on the job youre playing and what you like. That's why they are working to streamline it better. Once you hit a certain level (for Lancer, you progress to Dragoon at 30), you advance to a new class, which starts to bring with it its full array of abilities and mechanics. I wouldn’t even say ARR is bad per se, but it does have some serious pacing issues. Yes it gets faster once you get OCD abilities and the story picks up post ARR. RP is pretty much the main reason I havent unsubbed WoW yet. Combat in the low levels is awful. so far its such a grind with very little reward. Can you guys tell me your opinion of when the game starts to get good in terms of story and combat. The trial account system was changed recently, so you can play upto level 35 with no time limit. Or should I just bare with it until I reach group content? 05-18-2014 10:01 PM #8. For a chance of pace, I would suggest toying around with other jobs, or side quests. But this is highly subjective so not sure what you expect to be "good". When does ffxiv get good [Question] I've been playing the FFXIV trial. I think I was just a few MSQs away from the good stuff. I enjoyed it from the word go. If you are talking about story, 2.1 onwards are good as long as you read. I read somewhere its gonna stay like this until lvl 50 or so and i dont know if i can do this for that long. Even though I enjoyed parts of it, I quickly got bored because the combat was kinda slow, I didnt have a guild and pretty much walked around clueless. It will slow down again after you complete ARR and are in the inter-game content. Combat will feel like it speeds up as you reach the level caps, 50, 60, 70. A expect there to be a Gear Gind, its an Mmorpg after all - But a toxic community would be a huge turn off. I'd recommend doing a trial again but on a different class (or try out several, you can play them on one character). In the short term, the pace of the story will pick up once you've done your second MSQ trial. Press J to jump to the feed. For Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Does the story ever get good . Elvie. Watch a few from different Jobs too. This game's challenge/complexity curve starts off kind of slow, possibly because it wants to be accessible to people who are completely new to gaming. Lancer is notoriously boring at low levels. TL;DR : Go into free trial if you can, try Pugilist and Rogue, maybe even Archer, and it DOES get better later. Is it really that bad? the combat is so slow and they dont give you new moves for so long so im stuck repeating the same combo every time. Once you reach level 50 everything will get much more better. The game is very slow paced in it's beginning, it's one of the major flaws of FFXIV in that it has not a very good leveling experience in its earlier levels. (Though I binge the game like crazy that I have finished Shadowbringer).

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